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Photo: Lake Labuan Cermin
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Lake Labuan Cermin

Lake Labuan Cermin

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Lake Labuan Cermin is one of the fascinating attractions which located in the village of Labuan Kelambu, Subdistrict-Biduk, Berau regency, East Kalimantan Indonesia. Lake Labuan Cermin is a super clear lake that has two type of water in it, i.e. freshwater and saltwater. Both of this water never mixed with each other. Salt water which placed at the bottom lake never passes to the surface where the fresh water is placed.The color of the water in the lake is graded on the outside area of the lake from dark blue, light blue, white and green. As the name implies, crystal clear water was shiny like a mirror. We can see the bottom of the lake clearly from the top surface of the water even the depth of the lake is more than 3 m. We can swim, dive or snorkel in this place. When we dive a bit into the depths, the boundary between salt water and fresh water will be obvious. It also causes the biota in the lake is very diverse.If you want to dive or snorkel then you have to bring your own equipment because there’s no diving equipment rental in this place. For those who are not good in swimming there is available life jacket in a rented boat.