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Photo: Iboih (Sabang)
Iboih (Sabang)

Iboih (Sabang)

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In this Iboih beach, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery. And many other outdoor activities to do there like water tourism, among others, surfing, canoeing, swimming, and diving under the water to enjoy the diversity of coral reefs and reef fish are beautiful.
Some of the facilities that can support tourism activities, among others: the lodges around Iboih inn built by the community, shelters, kiosks and souvenir hotel located in Gapang. From the beach, tourists can visit the island Iboih nuns are famous for natural beauty of the marine park. Additionally Rubiah Island there are various facilities constructed include: diving center is equipped with facilities (motor boats, diving equipment), shelters, guard houses, watch towers, walkways, garden and electrical installations.