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Photo: Traditional House of Aceh
Traditional House of Aceh

Traditional House of Aceh

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Traditional house of Aceh

The individu or community belief and natural condition where an individu or community lives has a significant influence toward the architectural of building and housing. It can be looked at the architecture of Rumoh Aceh, Daerah Istimewa Aceh Province, Indonesia. Rumoh Aceh is a stilt house with the height between 2,50-3 meter. It consists of three or five rooms with one main room called rambat. Rumoh with three rooms has 16 pillars, while Rumoh with five rooms has 24 pillars. Modification from three rooms to five one and vice versa can be done easily. It only adds or omit few parts in the left and right side of the house. These parts, which are called sramoe likot or back proch and sramoe reunyeun or stepped porch, are the entrances to Rumoh that always in the east.