If you visit the town of Kediri do not forget to taste the typical food named getuk Bananas . In Java , Gethuk generally made ​​from cassava , but in Kediri bananas being the main ingredient Gethuk . Types of bananas to make Banana King Gethuk is Jackfruit . Gethuk banana flavor is sweet and sticky . Generally Gethuk banana wrapped in banana leaves . Not difficult to find sellers in Kediri Gethuk bananas because nearly souvenir shops selling typical food is always

The existence Gethuk banana as one of the culinary icons Kediri has made ​​history of its own . Although not known for certain the origin of the typical banana Gethuk Kediri , but the tradition of making and processing Gethuk Banana is believed to have lasted down from generation to generation . It is said that the story , Banana Gethuk has been popular since the days of the kingdom of Kediri and is a favorite food Sekartaji Goddess , princess of the Kingdom Jenggala ( Denomination of the kingdom of Kediri ) . Even the myth of some people , because it was so delicious banana Gethuk this , the gods in Khayangan to be willing to come down to earth just to taste the Bananas Gethuk .  " The Gethuk Bananas " is usually made ​​of Jackfruit Banana King , could also be other types of bananas . The specialty of this Jackfruit Banana King is a distinctive flavor , the sour and sweet even without added sugar . The sweet taste is what makes it memorable Gethuk to continue to enjoy. In addition , because wrapped in green banana leaves , the scent of this Gethuk more charming . Hemm ... delicious taste .

Good buddy readers , if you are interested in tasting " Gethuk Bananas " , but have not had time to Kediri , we also present the following recipes for " The Gethuk Bananas " . Listened to and practiced yes ...

ingredients : 3 plantain pieces of jackfruit 3 tbsp corn starch 100 grams of powdered sugar 100 ml thick coconut milk 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 tsp vanilla powder Complement : Half old half- coconuts , peeled , grated lengthwise 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1 sheet of pandan leaves Banana leaves and sticks penyemat How to Make : Jackfruit plantains steamed until cooked , lift , while hot puree , mixed with powdered sugar and coconut milk , add the corn starch and stir well . Take a piece of banana leaf , wrap the dough forms of rice cakes and steamed for 30 minutes , remove from heat and let cool until hardened . Old half coconut that has been shredded mixed with salt , stir well , put pandan leaves , steamed . Cut the bananas getuk according to taste and sprinkle with grated coconut . Serve

Tips Use an old banana , but it is still hard for the results getuk not mushy . When mashing , preferably bananas still hot so fast smooth . If you want a brighter color , you can add food coloring . Because of deliciousness , getuk kediri banana fruit often used as a decent hand made ​​souvenirs. Unfortunately , there are parties , allow calling or rogue elements that are less liable to falsify . Getuk false banana kediri be different in physical appearance as well as taste . If you do not want to get getuk false banana , silahkah just practicing the above recipe ! It turns out that in addition to good nutritional value , making any too easy mate . So , wait no more , try tomorrow . Hopefully Helpful .