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Photo: Getah Nyatu
Central Kalimantan
Getah Nyatu

Getah Nyatu

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One of the cultural richness that is the craft of wood sap from trees nyatu wood. Nyatu tree itself is an exotic plant in Central Kalimantan which only grow in two particular areas in the province, namely in the District and at Pangkalan Bun Tangkiling Hill District, City of Palangkaraya. The sap wood nyatu been utilized by indigenous Dayak tribes in the region as a raw material for the manufacture of handicrafts typical of the Dayak tribe, such as various forms of seducer, sculpture indigenous Dayak tribes and various other craft forms. Now craft nyatu sap has been one hallmark of Central Kalimantan province, developed by communities with support from local government into a very unique souvenir items and withdraw from the area. Some business groups local indigenous Dayak tribes are now seeking nyatu woodcraft and has developed into one of the business sector is quite promising for the development of regional economy.

Nyatu tree so far only found growing in marshy areas in the district and at Pangkalan Bun Tangkiling Hill District, Central Kalimantan. Plants that have relatively rapid growth during this was not found in other parts of Indonesia. Within just six months nyatu plants can grow up to 8 meters. Age six months is usually the benchmark for the sap wood crafters nyatu to harvest trees by taking resin.In the process to get the sap, said Katutu, the crafters are usually cut down the tree sap nyatu nyatu. Then nyatu tree trunks in skinned to take part of his skin. Furthermore, nyatu bark was boiled in boiling water that had been mixed with kerosene. The boiling process is conducted to separate (extract) nyatu sap from tree bark. In the state of the cooking water is still boiling, nyatu tree sap which has been separated from the bark is then taken for further boiled again to separate the sap from the remnants of kerosene. Nyatu tree sap which has been separated from kerosene were then sorted out for the coloring process. To provide color and the sap, sap Katutu and the craftsmen in Central Kalimantan nyatu usually use a natural dye extracted from native plants in Central Kalimantan. Coloring process is done by boiling the sap nyatu together with plant material source of natural coloring. Usually natural dyes used consisted of four kinds of colors, namely black, yellow, red and green.