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Photo: Juhu Singkah
Central Kalimantan
Juhu Singkah

Juhu Singkah

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Umbut Rotan (young rattan) is one of typical cuisine of Dayak tribe, especially from Central Kalimantan. In Dayak Maanyan Language, umbut rotan is known as  uwut nang'e. Meanwhile, in Dayak Ngaju, its called as juhu singkah. Umbut  Sedangkan dalam bahasa Dayak Ngaju dikenal dengan juhu singkah. Umbut rotan is known by Dayak community becuase it is easy to get in the forest without  planting it first. The processing way is young rottan is cleaned, then throw the bark and cut it into small size. Umbut rotan is often cooked with baung fish and terong asam. Umbut Rotan has savory, sour, and little bit bitter which mixed with the sweet taste of meat fish that makes umbut rattan has unique taste.