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Photo: Ketak Handicraft
Ketak Handicraft

Ketak Handicraft

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Lombok Island in Nusa Tenggara Barat province has been growing in recent years as a travel destination. Being an agriculture-based area, various plants grow naturally in the wild. Ketaq (or Ketak) is a creeper that grows on another plants. It is traditionally a material used to create a variety of goods through its drying, cutting and forming processes. Handicraft made of ketak can be found in 3 regencies: Lombok Barat, Lombok Tengah and Lombok Timur, involving more than 15,000 workshops and 25,000 workers representing an investment value of more than Rp 4 billion. Ketak webbing handicraft started in 1986 in Lombok Barat regency due to the many creepers there. In 1988 the local government began to develop and provide intensive design and skill training sessions to the local people, complementing their participation in local as well as international exhibitions. As a result, webbing products have developed as a respectable industry in Lombok Tengah and Lombok Timur.

Ketak products can be easily found in many art shops in both, Nusa Tenggara Barat province and its famous neighbor Bali Island. Ketak webbing products are mainly utilized as decorative goods, but the items may still serve actual functions. Even though these handicrafts have a high art value, the Narmada people, representing many of the Ketak artists, utilize their own products as utensils for daily use. While Ketak webbing handicrafts have been quite popular in the domestic market, they have also managed to penetrate foreign markets such as Germany, Great Britain, France as well as some Asian nations in recent years.