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Photo: Ayam Betutu
Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu

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Beside Sate Lilit, there is also a Bali cuisine which is very pity if you do not taste it. For you who love the food that made of chicken, this food can be a fitting choice to complete your hunger.

From the original word, Ayam Betutu or Betutu Chicken is a chicken which filled with spices and then roasted in husk fire. This food is popular enough at all district in Bali. It's just that if you want to taste this food from the producer directly, you may come to Melinggih Village, sub-district Payangan, Gianyar Distric. This place is well-known for producing many Betutu Chicken which is also the typical cuisine from Gilimanuk. 

The special thing is, this food is not only a side dish which accompany rice and can be comsumed everyday, but also is a required dish in a traditional and relogious ceremony.

  Betutu Chicken is not only loved by domestic tourists but also by international tourists. In several hotels and restaurants, this cuisine becomes one of the choice in menu list. 

This food is very delicious eaten while warm because this dish can not be stored for a long time.