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Photo: Traditional House of Lamban
Traditional House of Lamban

Traditional House of Lamban

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Traditional house of Lampung or called traditional lamban. The traditional house of Lampung is built by using wood, wooden board, and the shape is stilt house. Lampung people usually build their house in line following the roadway and face to face which is separated by the roadway. It can be done, since there are still few people and there are many vacant land. However, for this time, the traditional house of Lampung have been left as the time goes on. Lampung society has made their house of standard material of cement like most houses today. Stilt houses have been rarely used by Lampung society because it is difficult to find the wood and its price is expensive. The traditional house of Lampung has many kinds and names such as pesagi/lamban pesagi house,Nuwou Sesat house, and many others. However, essentially, the origin of Lampung traditional house is stilt house and made of wood (not cement, brick, etc).