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Photo: Donggala Sarong
Sulawesi Tengah
Donggala Sarong

Donggala Sarong

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Donggala woven fabric or also known as Donggala silk sarong is one of the traditional handicrafts made in Donggala, which widely famous in archipelago. The weaving process also done with traditional equipments and tools in which usually done by women in any age. Of these, so it is normal to find at least one loom or more in every house in Donggala district. Besides being produced in Donggala district, this woven fabric is also produced in Palu city, precisely in West Palu.

Previously, Donggala fabric should only be worn on weddings, circumcision, and other traditional ceremonies. However, along with the time, it widely used in various occasions, such as entertaining guests, mourn the dead, and as an office uniform.

Looking at this potential, the local government has patented the Donggala woven fabric through local legislation (regulations). In addition, the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government also has issued the guideline for Civil Servants to wear the uniform made of Donggala fabric on every weekend at the office.