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Photo: Lawang Hill
Sumatera Utara
Lawang Hill

Lawang Hill

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Lawang Hill is the biggest place of Orang Utan community. The location is in Leuser Mountain National Park. The visitors must cross Bahorok River because the national park is located in Langkat Regency, North Sumatera.

Lawang Hill is a tourism place which develops spontaneously. It means that the attraction and enchantment are successful to attract the visitors to come. The tourism development in this place is started with the first orangutan rehabilitation establishment in Sumatera in the early 1980s.

This rehabilitation center gives guarantee to the visitors so that they can look orangutan. That what makes Lawang Hill more famous. Since long time ago, this place has been known by foreign tourists as tropical forest tourism object. Even in this world, there is no more than five places that have a very cold tropical forest. Even, Lawang Hill may be the best one in the world. The landscape is mainly dominated by steep hills, shady trees, and bathing place with clear water.