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Photo: Lemang
Sumatera Utara


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Lemang is a food from sticky rice that is cooked in bamboo shoot, after being rolled with banana leaf. Then, the roll of bamboo leaf containing rice fluor mixed with coconut milk is put in a bamboo shoot then baked until cooked. Lemang is more delicious eaten in warm condition. The way to eat lemang is different from one region to another. There are people who like to enjoy it with sweet things (jam, palm sugar syrup, srikaya) or with salty things (rendang, egg, and other various foods), or there are those who eat it with fruits like durian.
Lemang is the celebration food which is by Dayak Tribe served in their traditional ceremonies. For Melayu Tribe, lemang is usually eaten when Idul Fitri and Idul Adha. Minangkabau people also like lemang, even a city like Tebing Tinggi is known as "The City of Lemang". Lemang is also an original food of Negrito people who live in Kelantan and Semai Tribe.