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Photo: Karo Traditional House, North Sumatera
Sumatera Utara
Karo Traditional House, North Sumatera

Karo Traditional House, North Sumatera

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Karo Traditional House, North Sumatera

One of the interesting traditional houses is the traditional house of Batak Karo. This traditional house is also known as traditional house of Siwaluh Jabu. Siwaluh Jabu means the house which is occupied by eight families. Each family have their own role in the house.
Karo Traditional House is different with the house of other tribes and its unique that characterizes the traditional house of Karo. The shape is very luxurious given with horn. The construction process until the life in the traditional house is arranged by Karo tradition, and because of that it is called traditional house.
The families placement in Batak Karo traditional house is decided by Karo tradition. Basically, this traditional house consists of jabu jahe (downstream) and jabu julu (headwaters). Jabu jahe is also divided into two parts, they are jabu ujung kayu and  jabu rumah sendipar ujung kayu.
However, sometimes, Batak Karo traditional house consists of eight rooms which are occupied by eight families. While, inside the house there are four kitchens. Each jabu is divided into two so that it forms jabu-jabu sedapuren bena kayu, sedapuren ujung kayu, sedapuren lepar bena kayu, and jabu sedapuren lepar ujung kayu.