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Foto: Kulit Lantung Handicraft
Kulit Lantung Handicraft

Kulit Lantung Handicraft

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We Called Kulit Lantung

Would Not complete it when we travel or for a place to go home without a souvenir as proof or also the memories that we have ever visited a place.
Likewise when visiting to Bengkulu, souvenirs in the city is actually the same as the souvenir tourist areas in general, be it in the form of necklaces, handbags, watches, hats and so forth.
However, there are souvenirs typical of this city that is handcraft of kulit lantung Bengkulu
kulit lantung bengkulu leather is the best wood. No craft bast fiber skin as smooth as kulit lantung Bengkulu.
This handicraft souvenirs can be beautiful as a garnish. Wood fiber around in the typical Bengkulu and softer. Usually made into a variety of crafts such as handbags, wallets, where the tissue is very beautiful. The price of goods varies depending on the craft and the small size of the goods, as well as how difficult the manufacturing level.
If you visit Bengkulu, do not forget to buy these souvenirs. This craft can be found at anggut atas  area at the center of this souvenir outlets.