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Foto: Teak Wood Craft Gembol
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Teak Wood Craft Gembol

Teak Wood Craft Gembol

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Craft Gembol Kendari society also known as craft "wood tumors". This is because the raw material for handicrafts is taken from the root timber that resembles a lump of tumor (disease) in humans. These materials are usually obtained from a variety of large trees that grow in the area of Southeast Sulawesi.

Gembol craft that developed in Kendari, first introduced by the Japanese army invaded Southeast Sulawesi. They saw the province has a lot of spare wood with various types of wood, such as teak, meranti, tolinti, sandalwood, and beropa. It became the inspiration for Japanese soldiers to process them into various forms of crafts. Until now, people still producing crafts Kendari Japanese heritage, even production developed rapidly.

Because of the uniqueness of the craft, an appreciation of the craft Gembol flow from various regions. Consumers typically come from different places, both from Southeast Sulawesi community itself or from outside the area. In fact, the demand for handicrafts Gembol some that comes directly from the foreign countries, such as Japan, Korea, the countries in the Middle East and some countries in Continental Europe. Thus, the work of the craftsmen Gembol contained Kendari arguably been able to penetrate the global market.

And taken from the roots of high-quality wood, resulting in work that is also high quality. To obtain these materials, the craftsmen usually willing to go far to get the materials needed are on the uniqueness of the craft Gembol base ingredients. Usually these materials can be selected to maintain the quality of his work.

As for the texture of basic craft materials, the craftsmen choose materials that really are naturally formed that the resulting work can be perfect. Natural texture is then refined and polished by the colors to produce stunning work. Of natural textures and finishes from the hands of the craftsmen who created a work of art tasteful.

Various forms of engravings produced by the craftsmen were varied, ranging from the usual work until the work is complicated. The works are of them in various household decoration, such as wall clocks, tables, chairs, ashtrays, and various carvings shaped like animals and skeletons like humans. Gembol woodcraft center located at Jalan Chairil Wuawua, Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

To reach the site, tourists can use public transport or private vehicles. To get to the location, the trip can be started from Badara Walter Monginsidi located Konsel. From the airport the road continues towards Anwar Wuawua, Kendari city takes about 15 minutes.

Price per unit varies Gembol wooden handicrafts. Usually the price is adjusted to the level of complexity and uniqueness of the work. If the work has a simple shape and simple, usually the price per unit is below the range of 1 million dollars. However, if the work was good and unique, the price is rather expensive and usually is above the range of 1 million dollars to thousands of dollars per unit.