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Green Bay (Teluk Hijau) Tourism Paradise

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Green Bay (Teluk Hijau) Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia
Green Bay is located in District Pesanggaran, precisely in the village Sarongan. Located about 90 km south of the town of Banyuwangi. As long as we will be treated to the location of the typical landscape of rubber and cocoa plantations to arrive at the village Sarongan. From the village Sarongan that we begin to face the macadam road. About 10-15 minutes from the village Sarongan , we will arrive at a cottage with green signpost reads direction towards "Goa Japan (Japan Cave)". From the parking area we need to walk again about 50 meters above the macadam road . Actually, the vehicle can be parked in this place but the location is too narrow. We started down the path of stairs is about 15-20 minute hike up and down the hill. After climbing and downhill we will find the first beach is a stone beach. If we continue the journey on the path before or walking down the stone beach towards the west we will arrive in Green Bay. Beach rock is characterized many large and small rocks that lay along the beach with sea water bluish. If we ran on the beach stones will hear a loud coming from the collision rocks beach. While the Green Bay beach or also known Green Bay is very different from that of the previous beach. Green Bay has a unique fine white sand and is embedded in the skin. Western and eastern tip also a coral rock. Having a clear sea water and greenish and beautiful atmosphere make anyone who saw it were amazed. Here we can swim, but need to watch when swimming, there are some rocks on the coast are invisible when the tide. On the east side there is a waterfall with fresh water and the discharge is being used for rinsing the body after a swim at the beach.